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Publish content, smartly.

Smart content lets you publish content such as news, but in a smart way from the web and App CMS as just publishing content and expecting your users are going to read or engage with the latest news you’ve published is so old school.

No need to build your backend and CMS

Mobile App Push Notifications and web Notifications included.

With the CMS you can create, schedule and send push notifications to your segments to a mobile app or web based notifications. The smart content system lets you target notifications to a specific area, define the range of users who must see your message within a geo-fenced area and let the scheduler do the magic.

Create content that’s intelligent

Publish geo-fenced content. Target cities, suburbs or even users within a few meters

With Mobiconnect™ Smart Content feature, you can publish content to a specific group of people, users within a location with a defined radius, add a category with tags associated or content that pops up when a beacon.

Create content categories

Example include News publishing can have Finance, Technology, Featured, Latest etc as the category whereas Recipe Apps can have Indian, Italian, Mexican etc and if you publish content for your Zoo, your categories can be Exhibits, Live Shows, Special Attractions etc.

Easy to manage

Schedule and power your content with location smarts

Create segment based on user’s location from the App CMS and then target your content based on the geo-segment, you can even send a push notification to targeted OS such as iPhones, Android or both.

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