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Last night saw Team Mobi take to the stage and pitch at the NSW Business Chamber Networking Night held at the Westin in Sydney, to demo our platform’s new capabilities, including Augmented Reality AR wayfinding, extending location based interactivity with AR, and proximity and location based content based on bluetooth beacons

The event is famous for it’s high energy ’60 Second Spotlight’ which proves both an efficient way to  get business chamber members to promote their services and helps steer clear of the typical networking function.

Mobiddiction Director, Mike Vasavada, was one of ten members to be put on the spot and in a room filled with business ranging from events coordination to property, it was clear Mobiddiction had the most unique proposition. This was made even more clear by the number of attendees who flocked to the Mobi table.

Fully decked out in Mobi memorabilia, the Mobiddiction table attracted a host of interested people. Even better was that the team got the chance to demo our platform’s new capabilities, including:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) based way-finding
  • Extending location based interactivity with AR
  • Proximity and location based content based on beacons

Augmented Reality (AR) infused wayfinding is all the rage at the moment helping people efficiently find their way around just about anywhere! Wayfinding has become quite important over the years, and can basically be defined as all the ways in which individuals find their way between two points or position themselves within a physical space. Wayfinding is quite valuable when one is trying to place themselves in complexly built environments such as huge events, airports, and shopping centres.

Traditional tools of wayfinding have been maps, but as we all know, they’re not the most efficient when it comes to finding your way through a busy festival. But advancements in bluetooth beacons and phone hardware has created augmented reality wayfinding experiences the way forward.

AR wayfinding works by holding up your  mobile device with the app then navigating you through tricky places, taking away the stress of senseless wandering.

Although there was some confusion, with one woman assuming the beacons were crystals, most of the crowd loved the interactivity of AR and were truly impressed by some of the work being done.

The evening ended with some fun networking games and a lucky door prize.

All in all, it was a hugely successful night and just another great example of the great Team Mobi spirit!

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