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We all know digital services that place location and mapping technology at the heart of their operations are disrupting whole industries. Research shows digital leaders provide highly differentiated and targeted products. Yet it’s not only the Ubers and Facebooks of this world who can access and link data with geographic information services (GIS) and transform services and daily operations.

All organisations collect volumes of data every day related to clients, staff, operations and assets. Yet very few harness the power of their analytics. Linking assets, resources and daily operations to geographic information, using the power of GIS and mapping technology, can re-engineer services and support communities more effectively.

How can GIS and mapping technology help my organisation?

Unlocking the power of data and analytics begins with your vision of your future. What would it mean to your organisation, if your daily operations linked directly with a centralised database and geographic information in real time? What if your team in the field could track and report assets instantaneously from connected devices?

For example, team members on field assignments could accurately document assets such as wildlife species, dangerous animals and survey marks using every day connected devices. They can complete an electronic form and create records of assets dynamically and pinpoint the location of their sightings.

Better yet, team members can tag feral animals, endangered species and other pests. The tag will track and provide ongoing information to a central database which can send push notifications to the community to protect their safety. Tracking data synchronises with a centralised database, ensuring it is always up to date.

When technology integrates systems, with reporting, then it’s easy to provide accurate and timely reports to clients, stakeholders, ministers and regulatory authorities. Technology can protect assets and promote the safety of the community.

Geographic services can reach remote customers

Geographic services can also be invaluable to communities and customers. For example, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) approached Mobiddiction to build a digital companion to recreational fishers. The DPI wanted to provide recreational fishers with all the essential information they needed to fish successfully in NSW.

The FishSmart app uses geographic services to provide real-time map information about Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), artificial reefs, recreational fishing havens and Marine Park zones to NSW fishers.

Using the FishSmart mobile app, fishers can view recreational fishing areas, rules and limits to help them comply with fishing regulations. Users can also order and pay for licenses through the app. The app can also educate users about fish species, bag and size limits, closed seasons and fishing gear rules.

The app also enables DPI to communicate directly to users by sending news updates using social media.

It’s never been easier to reach users in remote, marine environments. Making sure they are aware of all the latest developments in their favourite fishing location enhances their experience.

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Technology can align products and services to customer needs

Many organisations may idealise industry leaders such as Uber and Facebook. They have built empires using the power of geographic services. Yet much can be done closer to home. Organisations can become more aware of the true value of their data.

Partnering with a technology provider who listens to their needs and harnesses their data effectively using mapping and GIS technology, can deliver incredible value to communities. Linking assets, resources and daily operations with geographic services can enable organisations to streamline their services. Transforming operations enables organisations to service customer needs more effectively and supports infrastructure, communities and eco-systems.

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