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Following on from the successful Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 event, there are an abundance of ‘tech predictions’ being set out and Mobiddiction wanted to help you cut through all the noise with our pick of predictions for the year ahead.

“AI technology has the potential to increase the productivity of workers as well as productivity in all walks of life.” – Martin Fleming, VP and chief economist at IBM.

No surprise here.

During the last decade, the budding prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) in business has been debated and discussed with much enthusiasm. This year, all predictions point to the embrace of AI across the business spectrum, especially among employees.

“A recent PwC report revealed that 67% of the workforce would prefer AI assistance over humans as office assistants.”

This echoes comments made by UTS Executive Director of Data Science, Fang Chen, at last year’s ZDNet AI event where she noted that: “to achieve the best of AI, you must hold hands with everyone involved.”

We believe that for this to be achieved, there must be a strong cultural change in leadership from the top that embraces workers’ growing openness to AI and all the amazing changes it will drive. This includes marketers who are trying to connect more closely with consumers.

“With its lower latency and faster speeds, 5G is set to deliver the greatest wave of innovation since the advent of the internet.” – Gordon McKenna, CTO at Ensono.

Another popular technology that has been talked about in abundance is 5G. As we’ve highlighted before, 5G is not just about speed. The technology will push the envelope in terms of performance and provide, where needed, much greater throughput, much lower latency, ultra-high reliability, much higher connectivity density and higher mobility range. 2020 is about to see computing become more edgy thanks to 5G!

“While more innovative CIOs may be able to adapt, many will see their job functions shrink, and 2020 will be the year of the CTO.” – Matthew Halliday, cofounder and VP of product at Incort

As companies increasingly start to invest in technology for growth and efficiency, the chief tech officer will become an important asset to every business. This will be especially important for you to consider as new technologies will be adopted at an ever speedy rate and no one wants to be left behind!

In 2020, we’ll start to see more companies prioritizing workflows and processes that allow for remote employees … It’s not about the space you work in, but the community you work with.” – Sarika Garg, chief strategy officer at Tradeshift

According to, remote work has grown 44% and it’s only likely to continue increasing. 2020 will see more technology solutions that will cater to today’s remote workers and dispersed teams. Mobi is a firm believer in recruiting the best talent, regardless of location, giving us the opportunity to include team members who suit our company aims and culture.

As the year really gets underway, the time is now to ensure you’re shifting gears to stay relevant and competitive. If you aren’t sure what technology is best suited for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mobiddiction. Our customised consultancy offering is suited to investigate and meet individual business demands. We’re based in Sydney’s CBD so pop in and see us any time.

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