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The first week of January only means one thing in the world of tech – CES 2020.


Not just the biggest show event in technology, CES 2020 is also a chance for businesses and consumers to get a glimpse of all the latest innovations tech companies have to offer.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was hosted in Las Vegas from 7th – 10th January and was ‘all about the future’.

“The entire tech ecosystem is here at CES 2020, and the products and technologies launching this week will inspire, connect and change lives for the better.” – Gary Shapiro CEO, Consumer Technologies Association

Last year’s show focused on the future of connectivity, with a number of smart home devices exhibited.

From dishwashers to doorbells and even connected toilets. Yes, toilets! CES was the place for everything connected.

This year included a focus on tech trends that will elevate businesses into the digital space. These trends included:

Smart technology in the office

2020 is going to see the transformation of offices into fully functioning smart spaces. From AI-driven health tech designed to improve employee wellness to voice-enabled apps used by sales teams – CES showcased all the consumer tech that will be making waves across our offices in no time.

Analytics, AI, and the Cloud

CES 2020 is the best place to be to see how these technologies are being used in consumer products and how they will affect companies and careers.


Yes, we know 5G has been the talk of the town for the last few years but 2020 will see it ‘become a force for digital transformation in the enterprise’. About time!

Apart from all the business tech, there were some really cool announcements as well.

Sony has a car!

That’s right. Sony unveiled its Vision-S sedan on Day 1 of the show and left everyone with questions. According to the press account, Sony partnered with a number of industry leaders to build this prototype, including Continental, Genetex, Magna, and Bosch. Whilst most event commentators aren’t too sure what Sony’s plan is with their new prototype, it’s definitely an eye-catching way for them to sell some components.

A workout experience with Samsung

Last year Samsung introduced it’s Gait Enhancing and Motivation System (G.E.M.S.) exoskeleton and at this year’s CES they’ve announced that it’s now a workout device. The device is paired with AR glasses and a handset. Although everything showcased was conceptual, there are more than enough companies looking to invest in this technology, meaning we could soon see it sold as a wearable at-home gym.

A robot that brings you toilet paper when you need it

Over the years, toilet paper maker Charmin has come up with a range of tech-based bathroom solutions. Inline with the increased focus on how technology can benefit our health and well being, the company used this year’s CES to unveil the Rollbot. This “self-balancing robot” connects to your phone and delivers a fresh toilet roll directly to your seat, which is definitely handy if you find yourself without at home.

Don’t get stuck without toilet paper again.

A camera and waterproof drone in one

PowerVision proudly showed off their latest offering, the PowerEgg X, which can be used both as a handheld camera and a drone.  It’s also waterproof! Showcasing on the CES floor, attendees were wowed by the drone as it withstood a man-made waterfall without losing any elevation.


Whilst it’s sad to see another CES come to a close, one thing we are confident about is that the tech world can expect some really exciting changes in the year to come and Team Mobi will be watching closely!

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